A Telegram Userbot built on Pyrogram
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PyroBot - A help page

General Information

This program is a Userbot for the Telegram Messenger based on Pyrogram.


  • Check if your bot is running with .alive or .up
  • Mute, kick or ban people
  • Convert video files from any format to Telegram Gif (.mp4)
  • Evaluate and Execute code with .eval and .exec
  • Get information about your admins and members, as well as files.
  • Annoy people with memes (:
  • Get a blank steam account with ?acc
  • Check Information about a user with .whois. Works with Username, Userid and by reply.
  • Test your servers (or PCs) speed and ping your connection to Telegram servers.
  • Send your videonotes as a replacement for GIFs
  • Greet new people with custom welcome messages

First Commands (1start.py)

Command Action
.alive Tells you that the bot is running
.help Gives out a link to this document

Administration (admin.py)

Command Action
?ban x Bans a replied-to user for time x
?unban Unbans a replied-to user
?mute x Mutes a replied-to user for time x
?unmute Unmutes a replied-to user
?kick Kicks a replied-to user
!cclean Remove Deleted Accounts from your chat

With the exception of !cclean, the above commands only work in reply.

Timed restrictions can be applied in the following scheme:

  • 1d - 1 day
  • 2h - 2 hours
  • 3w - 3 weeks

Note: Only one of those will work at a time. You cannot combine those.

Converting (cloudconvert.py)

  • !conv <url> - Convert the given Url to an animation fit for Telegram.

Evaluation (evaluation.py)

Evaluate and Execute whithin Telegram

Command Description
.eval <query> Evaluate a string of x (e.g. message.chat.title for chat title)
.exec <query> Execute a string of x.*

*Note: Using .eval for from_user or send_* attributes/methods is NOT recommended as you might expose your phone number unwillingly.

Information (get_info.py)

Get information about your administration, members of your chat and all your chats.

Command Description
!admins Gives out a list of all admins in a chat.
!members Gives out counter of all members, bots and deleted accounts in that group.
.id Gives out the File ID of a replied-to media. If there is neither a media nor a reply it will be the Chat ID.
!chats Get an overview on how many chats you have in groups, supergroup, with bots, etc.
!unread Get an overview on unread messages, mentions and chats marked as unread

Memes (memes.py)

Command Description Source
dog, 🐕, 🐶, 🐩 Sends an image of a dog 🐶🐕 random.dog*
.mock Send mocking Spongebob 🧽 @Stickerizerbot
.ggl Send a Google Search 🔍 Same as .mock

Miscellaneous (misc.py)

  • .up - Gives out the current uptime of the bot.

Steam (steam.py)

  • ?steam - Gives a clean Steam Account

Videonotes (videonotes.py)

Save and send videontoes with these commands.

Command Description
.savenote x Save a video as a videonote with name x
.rmnote x Remove a videonote with name x
.note x Send a videonote with name x
.notes Send a list of all saved videonotes to your Saved Messages

Note: Videos have to have an aspect ratio of 1:1 to be saved as a Videonote.

Welcome Messages (welcome.py)

Greet new people who join your chat or get invited.

Command Description
.setwelcome <text> Set a new welcome message or overwrite an existing one with the given <text>
.rmwelcome Remove the currently set welcome message
.welcome Check the chats welcome message
!welcome Get welcome messages of all chats in your Saved Messages

There are some supported replacements:

Variable Replacement
{title} Current Chat Title
{name} Name of the new member
{namelink} Name of the new member linked to their profile

Who Is …? (whois.py)

  • .whois - Gives out information about a user

World Wide Web (www.py)

Command Description
.speed Run a speedtest
.dc Give out information about the closest Telegram Datacenter to you
.ping Milliseconds between two instant edits (The latency to Telegram)